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Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships

Great Grant Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships 

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience is administering a new fund to boost education opportunities for emergency management volunteers.


The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is administering a new $1 million federal government scholarship fund to boost education opportunities for emergency management volunteers. Volunteers in an emergency management agency can undertake studies in accredited units or courses in emergency and disaster management vocational training and education, and higher education. Successful applicants may be able to receive up to $12,000 for completing vocational education and training and up to $25,000 for higher education.

Announcing the scholarships, the Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, said, “I encourage all volunteers, including those involved in firefighting, flood and storm response, road rescue, search and rescue, and patrolling beaches, and recovery, to consider this new development opportunity.”

Criteria and eligibility : Successful applicants must:

• volunteer in an emergency management agency

• provide an application endorsed by the agency

• not be remunerated financially or otherwise by that agency for their volunteer role

• demonstrate a genuine commitment to ongoing participation in an emergency management related field

• be Australian citizens or permanent residents, and live in Australia.


Although all eligible volunteer applicants are welcome to apply, applications are particularly encouraged from volunteers who meet one or more of these criteria:

• live and volunteer outside a capital city

• are female

• identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander


July 14.

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A list of relevant vocational and tertiary courses is available for download here.

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