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Wimmera Community Emergency Management Survey

Community Emergency Management Survey

Hindmarsh, West Wimmera, Yarriambiack and Horsham Rural City municipalities all working together in their emergency management and planning. As a Community member your point of view is very much needed and appreciated to ensure local council’s are working on the things that worry you. Your knowledge and experience are important – take your time to share them by completing this survey. Please forward to your friends and family too!

The online link to Survey Monkey is:

It is a short 5 question survey and it is basic to start with to see what sort of information we get. Hopefully this  information will inform:

  • Our EM Risk Assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Community Engagement Strategies around emergency management
  • Emergency management communication content and methods

Any queries, issues or work that needs to be done can be referred back to, Wimmera Emergency Management Coordinator, HRCC