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Workshops for Volunteer Manager / Coordinators

Are your Volunteers at Risk?

Volunteers provide a crucial and often under-valued contribution to Australian society, especially in rural communites. However volunteering, particulary with vulnerable groups, can place them and those they volunteer with at a risk.

This professional ethical standards assist volunteer leaders by offering protection against the risks with a framework to effectively assist others. The workshop focuses on current best-practice standards and how they apply volunteering. The workshop will assist you to develop a decision making approach that ensures both yourself and those you assist get the best possible outcomes.

When : On 24 th August 2017 at Stawell @ Stawell Neighbourhood House. Time (1:30-3pm)

           & On 25th August 2017 at Horsham @ 39 Urquhart Street. Time (10:30am-12pm)

Who can attend : Free and Open to anyone who works with volunteers. 

Attendee’s are also invited to attend a Horsham Volunteer Co-ordinator/Managers Meeting from 12-1pm.

Presented By:  Gordon Young who holds a Masters of Professional and Applied Ethics from Melb Uni and is a lecturer in Professional Ethics with RMIT Uni. He has worked extensively with volunteer organisations in rural communities and has provided consulting services for a number of Australian agencies.

Workshops by Rob Jackson:

International volunteer leader, Rob Jackson, will be in Horsham on the 17 October 2017 to deliver two workshops that will benefit volunteer involving organisations around the region.  Registrations are now open.

Morning : Measuring Volunteering (9:30 am – 12:30 pm)

This workshop is about exploring the methods of measuring the impact that volunteers make to an organisation and to society. It will also include why we should measure and how that data can be used.

Afternoon : Developing Meaningful Roles for Volunteers (1pm – 4pm)

Developing roles for volunteers is an aspect of volunteer management that gets little attention compared to the more popular topics of recruitment and retention. Yet without well designed, meaningful and motivating volunteer roles, it is often much harder to get and keep volunteers. This workshop will provide a method – and outline the key issues to consider – for developing such volunteer roles.

Venue to be confirmed.
Cost : 
Member organisations will be able to have 2 people attend FREE of charge, for additional people and non-member organisations the cost is $40 per person per workshop or $60 for both workshops. Lunch is included.

Contact us to register for the above workshops.