2017 Award Recipients

These awards promote the value and important contribution of volunteering to the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of our communities and pay tribute to those who inspire and promote the spirit of volunteerism through their exemplary endeavours.

Overall 2017 Leading Volunteer Team Award

Beulah Historic Learning And Progress Association

Beulah Historic Learning & Progress Association was born in the late 90’s in a time of community need and has stood the test time. As an auspice organisation it has played a critical role in Beulah, maintaining its own identity and helping positive outcomes to many people many times over.

Young Volunteer Award
Tha Blay Sher

“I like volunteering and helping my community and its fun!” says Tha Blay. As a committed volunteer and navigator of services for her fellow Karen refugees, she is certainly proof of this.

New Resident Award
Max Pietrushka

“Music is a universal language that brings everyone together, says Max. In just 18 months he secured funding and kick started the “Voice of Wimmera” choir, bringing together people from all walks of life.

Foster Carer Award
Pamela Branson

As a foster carer, Pam has advocated raising indegenous kids with indigenous families for the past 30 years. All along, she has nurtured 15 different children while raising her own.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Elva Raggatt

A hero to many, Elva has caring for others in her DNA. She spends her days and nights dedicated to volunteering. Involved with numerous community organisations, Elva’s contribution to Stawell is second to none.

Community Health Award
Pathways to Harrow – Harrow Bush Nursing 

The Pathways to Harrow project was coordinated by the nursing centre and a very committed team of volunteers over five years. It solidified the Harrow community and resulted in untold benefits regarding identity, self-awareness and health.

Connecting Communities Award
Beulah Historic Learning & Progress Association

A genuine community hub, the BLHPA was formed in 1999. Its value is measured by its current financial viability and reinvestment back into the local community. The committee are quiet achievers and deserve great recognition.

Celebrating Diversity Award
Migrant Support Program – Oasis Wimmera

With support from Horsham Rural City Council, OASIS Wimmera fosters community connection, advocacy, education and training for newly arrived migrants. New residents share experiences, learn about local culture and expand their social circles.

Emergency Recovery Award
Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station (HATS)

With fundraising efforts led by Ambulance Victoria Horsham Auxiliary, and Horsham East Rotary Club, the Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station is a genuine community initiative, benefiting patients and medical professionals alike.

Community Organisation Award
Lions Club of Nhill 

The Lions club of Nhill – aka the ‘BBQ Kings’ – has a proud history of community service. Over the last 12 months alone, Lions members have voluntarily contributed some 1,500 hours on more that 50 projects.

Local Landcare Group Award
Kaniva District Landcare Group.

As well as tree plantings, this Landcare Group also conducts native vegetation protection programs, subcontracts roadside weed control programs, coordinated fundraising for community groups and collaborated with West Wimmera Shire in pest control campaigns.

Individual Landcarer Award
Jamie Saines – Warracknabeal East Conservation Farmers

As secretary for the group, Jamie has been responsible for obtaining all grant monies to implement landcare activities and sustainable agriculture projects. He is an effective advocate and diligent administrator.

Young Lancare Leader Award
Jessica Kuhne – Horsham Urban Landcare Group

Jessica’s contributions and innovative ideas have added much to HUL’s events program for the past two years. Her passion and enthusiasm for landcare and sustainable living is infectious, encouraging other young families to participate.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Award
Nhill Air Show

Hindmarsh Shire Council truly values the hard work, dedication and passion of our community members when improving the liveability of our towns through volunteering efforts. The 2015 Nhill Air Show is a shining example of what can be achieved when a community with a clear direction and goal come together for a greater outcome.

Horsham Rural City Council Award
Horsham Aeromedical Transfer Station (HATS)

HATS project has med a need identified in the community. This has been a community lead project resulting in a fantastic and unique facility for the Horsham community which has been recognised beyond the municipality.

Northern Grampians Shire Council Award
Eventide Homes (Stawell) Inc

Eventide Homes(Stawell) Inc. volunteer program provides incredible benefits to the residents, the volunteers and the broader community.

West Wimmera Shire Council Award
Pathways to Harrow

Pathways to Harrow has created a permanent legacy of people in the area who are prepared to challenge themselves, lead their community and has engendered a true sense of pride in their community.

Yarriambiack Shire Council Award
U3A Dunmunkle

The U3A Dunmunkle is a model of how the community, townships of Minyip, Rupanyup and Murtoa, can help one another with its non-competitive programs that help retired and semi retired people keep their minds and bodies active.