The Centre for Participation changes lives and communities through local opportunities in community support, volunteering, learning and partnerships.


Embracing the future, acknowledging the past

In 2015 Volunteering Western Victoria and the Wimmera HUB formed a partnership that led both Boards to resolving in January 2016 to rebrand this partnership to truly reflect our identity, scope and capacities.



Collaborative process

A branding workshop, presentations and reviews were conducted in June 2016 with a range of participants.

The workshop framed the requirements for the branding and communications of the partnered organisations, such as capturing its unique qualities, joining the dots between the organisation, the community and other stakeholders and informing how we make the communications pathways more visible, accessible and engaging.

Unveiling of the new name

From the workshop and follow up reviews, the outcomes were used to develop six names and strapline concepts which were narrowed down to two. These two concepts were developed further, taken back to the advisory group for further discussion and then a preferred name and strapline went to the board.

From there a new logo and name, the ‘Centre for Participation, were approved. The name sits alongside the strapline, or pillars, of our new identity: ‘Community, Learning, Volunteering, Partnerships.’

Rationale behind the choice

The name encompasses the essence of the new entity; it support people to fully paricipate in their lives and their community.

Using a general term such as ‘participation’ serves to link all of the different offerings of our organisation and ways that people can participate.

The name provides scope for growth as we evolve in the future. The name was presented at a special general meeting in July 2016 where there was unanimous endorsement of the new name.

The Pillars

We help people build the type of community they want to live in. We do this by strengthening individuals, organisations and communities. Through localised opportunities to participate, we connect people and organisations with support and services that help them and their communities flourish. Our focus is on helping people get involved, responding to local needs, and creating a strong and active community.


Volunteering is at the heart of any vibrant, thriving community. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to promote and strengthen volunteering within localised regions. We help recruit, train and support quality volunteers, and develop volunteer management systems for organisations that make the process simple. As the go-to place for people looking to get involved in volunteering, we’re also creating opportunities to learn new skills, boost social connections, build pathways to employment, and make a difference.


Learning is the key to opening different life doors and helping people create the future they want. At the Centre for Participation, we connect people with the learning opportunities that suit them and help them reach their goals. Through our localised accredited courses, lifelong learning and skill-based education, we support people to grow, strengthen their knowledge and confidence, and have more choices in life. We believe that anything is possible for anybody, and offer an individualised, encouraging learning environment that gives people the tools they need to succeed.


Working in partnership means we can achieve more for the communities we serve. By bringing together networks with different skills and expertise, we strengthen organisations that support the community and help them be their best. We also partner with organisations directly to help them build their capacity, including through localised learning to upskill staff, assistance with volunteer recruitment and training, and opportunities to support people and the wider community.