Wearing many hats

We know that as a manager or coordinator of volunteers your time is scarce and resources even more so. To support you in your pursuit of good volunteer management, we source free tools and materials you can use on the job. Having all the right paperwork is one thing, sometimes understanding and implementing them can be another, here at Centre for Participation we are able to assist you in this area.

For many of our towns, volunteering is now more about community survival and its nature is changing due to multiple factors. Yes, it brings people together, but specialised skills and knowledge are required to manage growing compliance concerns, community expectations and governance obligations. We assist organisations and volunteer coordinators to address these issues through workshops, training, policy and procedural frameworks to provide direction and structure to the way volunteers are managed. Likewise, we ensure that practice meets national standards.

Below is a list of key documents to start you on your way:

Volunteering Victoria is our state volunteering peak body which also has a number of resources and guides for managing volunteers.