Insurance Cover

Volunteer insurance is one way in which a not for profit organisation protects itself, its volunteer and paid staff, committee of management, clients and customers against risk. It is the responsibility of the organisation to be familiar with all the clauses of the policy and provide details to its staff. The kind of insurance that you need depends on what your organisation does, how it is set up and who is involved with it. Each organisation is different and it is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover you and the people in your organisation for potential liability, injury or loss.

We recommend the appropriate level of insurance cover for volunteers, without appropriate insurance cover Volunteering Western Victoria is unable to refer volunteers to your organisation.

The most common types of insurance cover are:

      • Public Liability insurance

        Covering organisations for legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage caused in connection with the insured organisation’s business activities

      • Personal accident insurance

        To cover volunteers for expenses following accidental injury, disability or death while volunteering. This type of insurance may cover loss of income.

      • Directors and officers liability insurance

        To compensate committee members and office bearers for loss, for example, legal costs where they have committed a wrongful act in the running of the organisation.

      • Professional indemnity insurance

        To compensate the organisation for loss incurred through a claim made against the organisation for breach of professional duty arising from negligence, errors, omissions, defamation, loss of records or documents, dishonest acts by volunteer or paid staff.

      • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

        To cover vehicles, owned and driven by volunteers, for loss or damage to the vehicle or third party property during the course of volunteering.

      • Building and contents insurance

        Covers the building that your organisation owns or occupies, and its contents, against damage from fire, theft, storm or accidents.


The above are types of insurance cover only and more information can be found by clicking here.