Remote support and service delivery

In recent years Centre for Participation has worked to develop a sustainable model for remote support and service delivery.

Our Nhill office opened in 2013, primarily serving the communities of Hindmarsh  and West Wimmera, to develop formal volunteering programs and support volunteer clubs and organisations. We have now joined with Nhill SES in a strategic partnership – the first of its kind in Victoria – and relocated to their office at 94 Nelson Street, Nhill. Both organisations are excited about the prospects and the arrangement was duly celebrated. We have a secure space, a place in the foyer for promotional materials and access to a great training room.

Via our existing partnerships, we organise National Volunteer Week events throughout the region and maintain our close links with local government, the health sector and schools.
We continue to play an active role in our networks, such as LLEN Community Action Network meetings, promoting positive outcomes and new partnerships to the community and remaining on the lookout for new opportunities to work with other organisations.

Seeking funding for the Community Transport Service is important, likewise sustaining volunteer numbers, training, social support activities and supports for service users and other organisations. We are working towards more dual service delivery on projects, such as volunteer training and recognition events like National Volunteer Week. Other goals include boosting training options for volunteer groups and volunteer managers, increasing membership and working with the Volunteers Managers Network.

The new office location  has reduced expenditure  but still provides a visible presence and opportunity  to work with the SES for  future activities.