Facilitating good governance

We support community organisations to improve governance practices by linking them with recognised community leaders who offer their experience to improve financial and social outcomes. Mentors work with the whole committee, not individual participants. They work specifically to improve overall governance in an advisory capacity, empowering the committee to develop policies and processes that facilitate good governance. Mentors undergo a thorough screening and training process before they are placed with an organisation over a 12 month period.

Increasing compliance and reporting requirements mean that some organisations find it difficult to operate effectively.

Governance Mentors aims to create stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities through good governance in community organisations.

Running community organisations is becoming more complex. The Governance Mentors program recruits experienced mentors and matches them with boards to guide them to develop more effective ways of working together to achieve better outcomes.

Good governance builds capacity by improving a board’s process, planning and working dynamics.

Program aims

Volunteering Western Victoria developed the Governance Mentors program to facilitate good governance within the community sector.

This is achieved by:

  • Recruiting mentors experienced in governance and training them to work with community boards and committees
  • Matching a community organisation’s board/committee, in need of help to improve governance, with a skilled mentor for a twelve month period
  • Guidance to enable mentors to assist and advise a board/committee to develop new and more effective ways of working together and achieving better outcomes for their organisation
  • Running Governance workshops which are moderated and developed against each organisations needs and goals

Program background

We began developing the Governance Mentors program in 2013 on the back of research that highlighted the risks to community resilience that poor Governance has on community organisations and communities as a whole.

Benefits for mentors

Along with social and networking opportunities, mentors derive great satisfaction from using their skills and knowledge to assist organisations to build capacity and achieve goals for their respective communities.

Mentors will:

  • Be matched with an organisation able to benefit from a mentor’s knowledge and experience
  • Work with and receive support from the entire board, not just individuals
  • Receive opportunities for further self-development and training
  • Be supported by a dedicated Program Coordinator

Governance Workshops

We run Governance workshops which are able to be tailored to your organisations’ or Board requirements. Some of the more popular topics covered are:

  • Governance and Risk
  • Roles and Responsibilities of people and meetings
  • Planning for the future