Local Volunteer Roles

Community Visiting Scheme Volunteer Visitor

A resident in an Aged care home can still feel isolated and lonely. A special friendship can be formed which supports and improves the residents feeling of well-being.

Be available to visit fortnightly for at least one hour, with the understanding you or the resident may be unwell at times and visits may not happen. If you have the ability to listen, engage in conversation and be comfortable to liaise with facility staff, be compassionate and be a friend.

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Support Groups Volunteer

Volunteers assist with activities and information distribution for members of an Organisation’s support group. (example might be the Pulmonary Support Group). The clients in support groups come together to share their experience with others in a similar health situation and learn what can be done to improve their health.

Along the way the support group member makes new friends, gains knowledge about their condition, learns what is available in the community to help them and gets very valuable social contact and support.

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Newsletter Volunteer

Creating newsletters for clients is an ideal opportunity for a proactive and energetic volunteer to do. Need assistance to get information into a newsletter each month so that clients and residents have access to latest health advice and services.

The volunteer role will assist staff to prepare content, use Word or Publisher to create the templates and enter the “news” and then package up printed newsletters into envelopes for mailing.

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Volunteer Driver

Major health care group is looking for volunteer drivers to use their agency’s fleet vehicles. This position is ongoing and on call.

Essential: Full Victorian Driver’s Licence, good level of physical fitness, excellent communication skills including a good understanding of Confidentiality, willing to undergo regular driver training updates and driver assessments. If you have experience working in a healthcare related industry before will be an advantage.

This position mostly suits a retired or semi-retired who have few spare hours and willing to give back to the community.

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Wimmera Social Support Volunteer

Become a Social support volunteer and helps reduces social isolation by providing very valuable mobility and contacts for people who would otherwise be isolated within their own homes. You will be assisting people with social activities, group or one on one activities. If you are a person who likes to chat, enjoy meeting new people then this role brings you joy and satisfaction. Having some local knowledge is an advantage. Examples of possible roles : mens outings, fising, going for drives, board games, garden walks, coffee shop outings, going to local markets.

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Pet therapy Volunteer

Need Volunteers who are willing to share there pet to visit residents in aged care facilities. As elderly people often miss the joy and pleasure that pet ownership brought them in the past. Your visiting with your pet can bring back memories of the happiness they may have enjoyed with their own animals.

Volunteers can bring just about any pet to visit so long as it has been approved as safe to do so. Cats are not generally recommended due to possibility of allergies and stress on the animal.

The pet must be well socialized and happy to be petted by strangers.

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