Creating Social Value

There are a number of external factors influencing the dynamics of towns and the only contact is change.  Volunteering has a role to play to build the capacity for communities to be resilient to change.  Strong community networks and connections are examples of the characteristics of resilient communities.

We provide an extensive  suite of services, programs and resources designed to promote and strengthen volunteering in our towns and regions.  We do this by helping to recruit, train  and support volunteers – via seminars, workshops and webinars – and develop easy to follow and effective volunteer management systems for organisations. An important feature of our work is training and supporting volunteer managers and coordinators.

We are able to assist your organisation with the following:

  • development of a volunteer management framework, including all associated ploices, procedures and other program forms
  • development of volunteering programs
  • access to network meetings, confidential advice, information and support for coordinators of volunteers
  • assisting with events and activities for volunteer recognition days
  • providing professional development to coordinators of volunteers.

Volunteer Referrals

This service is open to organisations that possess both public liability insurance and personal accident/injury insurance that covers volunteers. In order to refer suitable candidates to your job it is important that job descriptions are detailed enough to allow our referral coordinator to fully understand the scope of your job. A little extra time taken in defining your volunteer job description may result in significant time saving later.

Listing a volunteer vacancy with Centre for Participation:

  1. Fill out the Organisation Volunteer Vacancy Form
  2. Make sure to sign the form
  3. Email, fax or mail the form back to us


Where will the volunteer job be advertised?

Once your volunteer vacancy has been loaded into our database it will be advertised on SeekVolunteerGoVolunteer, Centre for Participation facebook page and twitter feed and on our website. Once the referral coordinator is comfortable that a prospective volunteer has met the basic criteria of your job, they will refer the volunteer to you. The referral coordinator will send you an email providing the name and contact numbers for the prospective volunteer. The volunteer is also asked to contact you directly to make a suitable time for an interview.


What is expected of an organisation?

Centre for Participation does its best to promote your volunteer positions and potential volunteers are often very keen to make contact with you. As part of your volunteer management please return calls from prospective volunteers, and/or let them know the status of their application.

Unfortunately, we know from experience, that failure to do so in a timely manner may have adverse outcomes and even deter them from volunteering in the future. Please advise the referral coordinator when your volunteer job has been filled so it can be removed from the database and other sites to ensure no more prospective volunteers are referred to you.


Way2Go training

Centre for Participation delivers Way2Go Volunteering Training utilizing the Way2Go Volunteering Toolkit for Volunteer Management, developed by Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau. The Way2Go Volunteering material and training program is designed to assist smaller organisations and clubs increase the capacity of their volunteer management.

The purpose of the toolkit is to:

  • provide information and tools for the development and management of volunteer programs
  • provide generic information for the development of policy and processes that are compliant with National Standards, and
  • provide a toolkit that can be easily adapted and amended to suit individual needs of organisations.

For more information please contact us.