Our Annual Reports

The Centre for Participation changes lives and communities through localised opportunities in learning, volunteering, community support and partnerships which our annual reports reflect and demonstrate.

Our focus is on strengthening individuals, organisations and communities. One of the ways we do this is by connecting organisations with services that help them flourish and build active, vibrant communities.

We can partner with organisations to:
>> deliver convenient, cost-effective localised learning and accredited courses to upskill staff
>> help recruit, train and support quality volunteers, in addition to developing volunteer management frameworks and systems
>> offer opportunities to support people and create a thriving community
>> work together and build networks to help organisations achieve their best.

We’ve been creating localised opportunities to participate for over 30 years. With our established networks and proven track record, we make it easy for organisations to access the resources they need to grow and to help shape their communities.


Annual Report 2012 – 2013

Annual Report 2013 – 2014

Annual Report 2014 – 2015

Annual Report 2015 – 2016