Involving Youth Volunteers

Need volunteers? Want to bring fresh ideas, energy and new skills to your organisation? We have the perfect volunteers for you.

Could your organisation benefit from engaging volunteers with bucketloads of energy, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and varied skills to help with particular tasks or projects?

Volunteering activities throughout Australia make valuable contributions to volunteers and to society, both socially and economically. For young people, as for adults, volunteering enables connections to others unlike themselves and those who share similar values and thus enhances identification with community diversity and public concerns. Volunteering has also been found to be advantageous for young people who may be considered to be socioeconomically disadvantaged as they demonstrate positive social development with a political awareness, believe that they can make a difference and have a more positive outlook on their ability to succeed in further study.

Research shows that young volunteers can benefit your organisation in numerous ways, including:

  • Develop a base of future supporters
  • Increase awareness about sector issues and the organisation
  • Develop a giving mentality/philanthropy
  • Build inter-generational connections
  • Youth volunteers are pro-active and have a positive attitude
  • Bring new talents/fresh ideas to the organisation
  • Connect you with new communication technologies

There are tip sheets from the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria Inc that provide information for community organisations and groups to better enable them to involve young people as volunteers.

The topics covered include:

  • Being a youth ready organisation
  • Creating volunteer roles for young people that are meaningful and have appropriate levels of responsibility
  • Managing and supporting young volunteers including peer-to-peer supervision with young volunteers supervising and supporting other volunteers
  • Using social media to engage, support and recognise young volunteers
  • Involving young people from diverse cultural backgrounds as volunteers with your organisation
  • Involving young people with disabilities as volunteers with your organisation
  • Some of the legal considerations to be aware of in relation to youth volunteering